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Chenzhou city xin cheng refrigeration equipment maintenance co., LTDWas established2007Years,Professional to make a efficient on the central refrigeration equipment of various sizes、Quick maintenance plan and solve engineering。Company since its establishment has more than thousands of service enterprise、Food and beverage、Entertainment、The building central air-conditioning installation and maintenance。Maintenance technology and experience accumulated a lot of practical experience,To accumulate a batch of professional large-scale refrigeration equipment maintenance technical staff for a long time,And be in chenzhou、Guangzhou dozens of well-known enterprises and building designated after-sales maintenance technical support。

In order to strengthen the company's sales regularized service series,We joined the gree、Beautiful、Haier、Daikin and other famous commercial machine sales and after-sales service system。

My company with full enthusiasm welcome your patronage!Guarantee your use of the product service、Rest assured、In almost every episode!

Corporate philosophy:People-oriented、Sincere service、Customer first。

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The air filter
The air filter              Air filter can be divided into coarse effect、In the work、The high efficiency、Efficient four types,According to the air volume of less in a different quantity of air filter installed in the pipeline,Filter is installed in the centralized air conditioning system,Put into the indoor air dust particle filter。In order to achieve high quality of indoor air。              &
The central air conditioning the latest maintenance scheme
           The first set of household central air-conditioning maintenance plan is to set the appropriate air conditioning temperature,In the summer,People wish would want to keep the temperature of air conditioning on16Degrees,Though the low temperature will feel particularly cool, but it is bad for our health,At the time of set temperature or to properly consider all kinds of conditions,It is best to keep in room temperature and the distance of the outdoor temperature4To the5Degrees。A second set of household central air conditioning maintenance plan is to avoid air conditioning indoor machine under direct sunlight,Can use the curtains
The advantages and disadvantages of family with central air conditioning
                             Household air conditioning system with air as medium,The principle and the principle of large central air conditioning system are basically the same。               &nbs
How to maintain the central air conditioning?Winter air conditioning needs to pay attention to these
                                Filter should be often clean    In general2?3Cleaning once a week。Step is:Remove the panel,Take out the air filter;Clean air filter。Put air filters in the rinse water taps,Due to the filter
The radiator
The radiator The radiator is machinery and equipment parts to reduce equipment during operation the heat generated during operation,To increase the operation life of machinery and equipment parts。So the cooling of the service life of equipment components directly influences the quality of operations。Along with thePCThe power consumption of the internal components and calorific value,How to effectivelyPCCool became the issue that need to be addressed,All kinds of radiator to come out。Look from the cooling way,At presentPCHeat is still the most common:Air cooling、Water cooling、Passive cooling。The water-cooled radiator products price is on the high side,Install trival;Passive cooling performance on the low side,Process
Central air-conditioning maintenance training
The central air conditioning maintenance training (High、The intermediate class): Internal students napa stores nearby!1、Hvac central air conditioning technical personnel's professional ethics and code of conduct2、Refrigeration basis and principle of electrical knowledge,Theory class。3、The central air conditioning unit module、The piston machine、Screw machine、Centrifuge、xiu、huaThe basic structure and cooling principle of lithium machine,The theory and practice。4、Central air conditioning technical parameters in the operation process and the use of tools figure(Pressure enthalpy diagram、Enthalpy wet figure、Solution diagram, etc)Theory class。5、The safety of the central air conditioning operation and operation management theory and practice。6、The operation of the central air conditioning
The working principle of household central air conditioning
The central air conditioning system the general working principle of central air conditioning system is mainly composed of refrigeration compressor system、Refrigerant(Frozen and hot and cold)Circulating water system、Cooling circulating water system、Coil fan system、Cooling tower fan system, etc。Will air conditioning refrigerant refrigeration compressor unit by compressor(Mass media such as the coldR134a、R22And so on)Send in the evaporator after compressed into a liquid,Freezing circulating water system by freezing water pump room temperature water pump into the evaporator coil and cold media and indirect heat exchange,So that the original room temperature water into cold water,Chilled water is sent to the draught fan cooling coil in absorbing coil heat the surrounding air
​Household central air conditioning
Household central air conditioning 1.Cooling rapidly even high comfort: Family, each in central air conditioning each indoor machine has an air supply outlet and a return air mouth,Air circulation is more reasonable,The indoor temperature more even,Can be maintained±1℃The constant temperature condition,The body feel more natural and comfortable,Especially in the central air conditioning water system(Water system of central air conditioning、Brand),Comfort is very high;The traditional household wall hang up and ark,It's easy to have a airflow corner,Indoor temperature difference is obvious,Easy air-condition disease。 Household central air conditioning is often more than a host connection terminal,That is a room
Centrifuge           The centrifuge is the use of centrifugal force,Separation of liquid and solid particles or a mixture of liquid and the liquid of each component in the machinery。The centrifuge is mainly used for solid particles in suspension is separated from liquid,Or the two kinds of different density in the emulsion,And even soluble liquid separate(For example, separate the cream from the milk);It can also be used to eliminate wet solid in the liquid,For example, use the washing machine to jilt dry wet clothes;Tubular separator can separate different special speeding
Days plus central air-conditioning was awarded the first prize for China machinery industry science and technology
 In addition11Month24(Reuters) 11Month20Day,2015The annual award ceremony of the China machinery industry science and technology prize was held in nanning in guangxi,The Chinese academy of engineering、Member of Chinese mechanical engineering society of alms to attend the meeting and for the award-winning unit awards。Nanjing day and air conditioning equipment co., LTD. Honor award at the meeting,“ISO1Class ultraclean environment integrated system”The project won the first prize,Is only one of the central air-conditioning industry this year won the title of the enterprise。  “China machinery industry science and technology awards”,Is one of the highest award in the field of Chinese machine,Only by is currently in the domestic machinery industry